The Touch Of Darkness

The Touch of Darkness
If and when a spirit of some sort makes physical contact with your person for over thirty seconds, you gain a level of corruption. Furthermore they may whisper the 'You will…" call. This is a roleplay prompt, and should be carried out to the best of your ability.

You Will…
This call represents possession by supernatural entity or command imposed on you through witchery.  It will always be harshly whispered as the words are touched by the adversary itself.  spoken normally, it holds no power. There is room for individual interpretation so as to tell a better story but the commands must be carried out in the spirit given. The command is only ever good for one  quick action; you might be told to 'answer the next question truthfully', but you can not be told to 'answer all of my next questions'. Furthermore you might be told to leave a door open at midnight, but you can not be told to wait by that door until midnight. Lastly, there is memory loss in regards to the action itself.

Corruption represents the degradation of the soul. Each time you are exposed to dark forces, your body suffers for it as your inner flame shrinks, and the darkness grows.

Lvl 1: Tainted: You can feel the evil in you and the world weighs heavy upon you. You should roleplay moodiness and nervousness.

Lvl 2: Afflicted: Continued exposure to corrupting influences has insidiously infected your mind and body. You suffer from all the above manifestations of lower-level Corruption as well as role-played fatigue and light sensitivity. Furthermore, use makeup to create dark circles under your eyes. Pale skin, optional.

Lvl 3: Damned: Repeated or intentional exposure to the dark has begun to twist your body’s form. You suffer from all the above manifestations of lower-level Corruption as well as role-played aches, pains, and derangement. Furthermore, you might manifest some sort of mutation like rotting teeth or black eyes. If you are unsure of what would be appropriate, check in with logistics.

Reducing your corruption level is done through ritual, and at the rate of one level per two events where you don't take corruption.


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The Touch Of Darkness

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