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Adjacent: Within 5 feet.

Witchery Edges (Spells)
A witch or occultist can make their will manifest through arcane marks and verbal commands. Quick magic is sometimes possible through extended practice by utilizing arcane bindings and marks with either the written or spoken word. Whatever the case, using such magic can out you as a witch or heretic, and should be done with the utmost caution.

Casting Spells: Sign for either beneficial or malicious magic and use the witchery hand sign as an action gesture to indicate that you are in fact casting magic. When casting a second spell immediately thereafter, use the alternate hand to sign and point. 

Chanting: Sometimes a spell will call for chanting first. This can be quiet litanies, or even hushed, unsettling mutterings and whispers.

If you ever see someone using the witchery symbol, pay attention. Their next words will likely indicate the effect or call of the spell!

Beneficial Magic
Transference  Touch the sign of witchery to the intended target/s wounds or affliction, and chant for thirty seconds then inform them as to what happened. eg. 'In a moment she will be healed, but thou shalt now suffer the wound instead.' or 'Now, I take on your curse.'

This edge gives command over life, giving the caster the ability to transfer wounds, resolve, or even curses, one at a time. The only rule? It must go to someone

Negation – While holding the hand sign of witchery in prayer position or holding a focus (Holy book/amulet) of some sort, Chant a custom litany of your choice. 

This edge deals with primal energies, letting the caster physically interact with spirits/demons while they are chanting. Further, the chanter negates all spells aimed at them or on anyone touching them, 

Regulation -  Wave the sign of witchery across target's eye line while adjacent to them.  Follow with an Invocation that informs them of the emotion. "Calm now, friend." or "Get angry."  

This influences the targets emotions for at least ten seconds, whereupon the target can choose to revert to their earlier roleplay… Or not.

Malicious Magic

Telekinesis –  Point with the sign of witchery at your target and speak an Invocation that starts with the word 'Sieze'

While you point, target is unable to move or speak, only able to move their eyes. You may direct them to throw themselves with a gesture.  For example, a palm thrust would send them hurling backwards to the ground.

Entropy –   Point with the sign of witchery at your target and speak an Invocation that casts the evil eye and a negative status effect upon your target and informs them of what happens to them, IE: "May insects devour your eyes, and feast upon your lips!" or "Your blood shall blacken and rot, while you choke on your tongue!" 

The target roleplays your effect to the best of their ability for at least ten seconds. An effective command is one that is easy to understand and follow.

Enthrallment -  Alert the target with the sign of witchery while harshly whispering an Invocation that starts with the words You Will.

This is the 'you will' call as per the touch of darkness.

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