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Lvl 1 – You know and can use one Witchery action once per short rest. 
Lvl 2 – You know and can use Two Witchery actions once per short rest. 
Lvl 3 – You know and can use Three Witchery actions once per short rest.


Short rests: Short rests are defined by at least thirty minutes of non strenuous activity that the character would find restful, or meditative.
Adjacent: Within 5 feet.

Witchery Actions (Spells)
A witch or occultist can make their will manifest through arcane marks and verbal commands. Quick magic is sometimes possible through extended practice by creating the markings and bindings in mid air with a series of gestures and runes drawn with the practitioners fingers. Each mark corresponds with a verbal component resulting in each spell having a unique shape and design. Because of this, some say witches have their own language, or that they speak the language of hell. Whatever the case, using such magic can out you as a witch or heretic, and should be done with the utmost caution.

How To Cast Spells: Speak the spell's power words, clearly and loudly while performing the matching somatic gestures. Then, speak a custom incantation that describes what the spell actually does and prominently features its name and call. (We suggest making the spell's call word audibly louder) Finally, perform the action gesture. You can not cast spells with head wounds. Furthermore, you must have clear line of sight, and they to you. Communication is critical to this process, and if the target does not know you cast the spell on them, then they do not know to respond. This is intended, and represents the intimate nature of magic, and the link it creates between two souls. 

Beneficial Magic
Disperse – Speak and sign the following power words; Beneficus in Anatrof et Satnev. Follow it with an Invocation that is some variant of: Disperse this witchery! Eg: Disperse these foul magics! Touch your target, and you can dispel a Sieze or Curse spell. You can also 'end' wards by placing your palm within five feet of one, but you fall asleep as per the 'opportunist' ability as a backlash (unless you’re protected by another Ward).

Vigor - Speak and sign the following power words; Benificus in Fortana et Ventas. Follow it with  an Invocation that is some variant of: I give you the gift of Vigor. Eg: I grant ye vigor, child of the flame. Place at least one hand on or near the target’s head or heart, and restore up to two used actions.

Wards - While holding at least one hand in prayer position or holding a focus of some sort, Chant a custom litany of your choice. While chanting, you and everyone adjacent to you are immune to spell effects. Reading from a holy book or scroll is perfectly acceptable.

Malicious Magic

Sieze –  Speak and sign the following power words; Malificum in Intelicus et Satnev. Follow it with an Invocation that is some variant of: Sieze now, fiend. Eg. Sieze thyself, wicked one!  Then, point at your target, and they will be held in place, unable to move or speak for up to two minutes, only able to struggle weakly, and otherwise only able to move their eyes.

Away – Speak and sign the following power words; Malificum in Anatrof et Ventas. Follow it with an Invocation that is some variant of: Away with ye! EG: Thou shalt away! Then, use your outstretched hand to inform a target and anyone adjacent to them within 20 feet of you the direction you want them to fall. They and everyone adjacent to them are hurled backwards/to the side and must fall with their back's touching the ground or another surface (pressed against a tree). This whole process should last for up to five seconds, and they must either hold still, pinned to the ground or another surface, or crawl away from you in the direction you indicated.

​​​​​Curse - Speak and sign the following power words; Malificum in Ruina et Maledictum. Follow it with an Invocation that is some variant of: I put a curse on ye (insert name here). Eg. Blackened blood and bones, I curse ye, (insert name here)! Then, point at them, and the target will halt for no less than one second, suffering intense pain, but also hunger to the point of delirium that continues on for some time. As a result, they lose the use of skills in a class of their choice until the effect is dispelled, or the target has had a short rest.

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