Upkeep and Starvation

Equipment degrades over time, and people need to eat, these fundamental truths make life in the colonies a difficult prospect at best.

At the beginning of each event you may spend your upkeep to enter play with more items and gear. The costs of which are below.

Tools & Resources: 1
Light Armor & Weapons: 2
Heavy Armor & Weapons: 3
Firearms: 4

At the end of each event, each player must feed themselves in the coming months and provide at least two crops or animal products.

For the most part, hard work and effort will keep your character well fed, and alive, but there are obstacles, chief of which- are magic and witchcraft which consumes and destroys organic material.

Whenever you see witchcraft being performed, you should find and discard one animal product or crop as it is now rotten through or spoiled. In the event that you do not have one of those, you should find wood or ore to discard instead.

Upkeep and Starvation