The Empire

1613, Anno Ignamini

A new Arch Bishop has risen to power, superseding the monarchy and sporting ideas of mercantilism. Following the failure of Emperor Philip III to end the hundred year war and eradicate the Rovassian Monarchy, the church marched against the backlands with a templar led army and ended the war through a series of conflicts and scorched earth tactics. It is well known that the archbishop is attempting an absolute government, with only superficial power in the hands of the emperor. The shift is unwelcome, with the church's inquisition naming heretics out of business rivals and classic interpretations of Ignasticism alike. The Anglian church's focus on finding new sources of income is threatening social and economic stability, and the people are scrambling. Among those opposing the Arch Bishop are Puritanical Imperialists who strongly oppose the new Church dogma and are attempting to limit the Arch bishops power. The Parliament, nobility, and gentry similarly attempt limit the church's power through trade charters and smaller, regional powers of government. One such charter was granted to the Anglian Trading Company, who have since begun to offer free land and compensation to any who will make the journey. The newly established colonies are an attractive offer to those who would seek to make their fortune in trade, or simply wish to practice their faith true to its origin, and ideals- without neo classical interpretation.

Blasphemy & Dissent

The empire was experiencing a renaissance of scientific advancement and a new age of reason. Following church doctrine is expected, but Imperialists see the church themselves as guilty of heresy. People do not fear superstitions and myth that the church once used to keep the common people under control, and coin is the primary motivator of any given citizen. Religious fundamentalism is at an all time low, with church doctrine taking a backseat to logic and reason, resulting in a schism on social and governmental levels. The unification of Rovassia and Anglia has resulted in tensions at the border, but the victory has resulted in the establishment of the Anglian bank structure and free trade in the empire. Ships now sail forth to new lands, establishing colonies in the new world in hopes of achieving the expansionist goals that the empire has long held. While the quality of living is higher than it has been for centuries, overly packed slums and large city centers have created the perfect breeding ground for plague and dissent. The inquisition is operating with near impunity, spreading fear into the common man in their search for withcraft and blasphemy- a term that seems to have lost meaning and is now used for any so called enemy of the church.





Sexuality & Gender Roles

The Empire

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