The Empire

1613, Anno Ignamini

An unprecedented era of discovery, science, and art; Empress Charlene I has reigned over her newly minted empire for sixty years- a reign that created enemies and unified the continent while overseeing massive social change among the peoples of the Empire. Charlene's first acts as empress were to ban the colonization of indigenous peoples and draft laws that eliminated slavery. These unpopular decisions threw her newly conquered empire into fresh chaos, and After fifty seven years of struggle and rebellions in the east; a new Arch Bishop has risen to power, making overtures to the monarchies and sporting ideas of mercantilism. This power base has cemented itself largely due to the Grenadan Rebellion and civil war that began in 1589, and lasted until 1605 when the church marched against the Grenadan houses with a templar led army and ended the war through a series of brutal executions and scorched earth tactics. This victory has primed the empire for an uneasy peace as it is well known that the archbishop is attempting an absolute government, with only superficial power in the hands of the empress. The shift is unwelcome, with the church's inquisition naming heretics out of business rivals and classic interpretations of Ignasticism alike. The dogmatic focus on finding new sources of income is threatening social and economic stability, and the people are scrambling. Among those opposing the Arch Bishop and the semi defunct monarchies that have swarmed to his side are the church's economic rivals, and even Puritanical Imperialists who strongly oppose the new Church dogma. Both are attempting to limit the Arch bishops power while the Parliament, nobility, and gentry similarly attempt limit the church's power through trade charters and smaller, regional powers of government, oft empowered by the aging empress's remaining political clout. One such charter was granted to the Blackwell Trading Company, who have since begun to offer free land and compensation to any Imperial citizen who will make the journey. The newly established colonies are an attractive offer to those who would seek to make their fortune in trade, adventurers seeking profit, those who wish to practice their faith true to its origin, and ideals- without neo classical interpretation. 

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The Empire

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