Lvl 1 – You can use one skullduggery action once per short rest.
Lvl 2 – You can use Two skullduggery actions once per short rest.
Lvl 3 – You can use Three skullduggery actions once per short rest.

Terminology – Short rests: Short rests are defined by at least thirty minutes of non strenuous activity that the character would find restful, or meditative.

Skills and Skullduggery Actions

The 'Inquisite' advanced skill has little effect on you between games.

your range with firearms doubles, and you may make non lethal called shots by declaring what you hit directly after the weapon fires. Examples of this are "Winged his noggin!" and "Got em' in the legs!" "Good luck swinging that sword arm now!". 

Jump to the side or backwards as a physical call to avoid a trap’s effect or gun shot. If you are confident, you may perform a roll or some other acrobatic maneuver as part of the physical call.

Sucker Punch
You may use the 'stay down' call after landing an unarmed blow on an opponent that was unprepared for combat.

Strike an opponent with the pommel of a weapon in the center of their back, they then fall asleep as per the spell, but it can not be dispelled. You may whisper or shout 'stay down' as the call.


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