Wounds and death: Getting hit, wounds and unconsciousness need to be roleplayed. If you receive a wound, you are injured and bleeding out. If you bleed for fifteen minutes, you are dead. If you are struck in the torso without armor, you fall unconscious, and begin bleeding out. Tbe individual getting hit should take note of where they were hit, and by what. This becomes important for triage. Furthermore, the roleplay should be appropriate. A leg injury from a one handed weapon means you should be limping, etc. A leg injury from a two handed weapon means the leg should be nearly useless.

Healing: There are two basic healing actions, one of which is first aid, which any healer can do, the other is treatment, which is a type of roleplay encounter where the healer roleplays ‘fixing’ a patient’s wound, after which it is cleared up mechanically. Role-playing  after effects is encouraged, a slight limp for the remainder of the event, etc.

First Aid:  This stops 'bleeding out' and takes a minute of roleplay to do, or a healing potion.  It also wakes someone up, though they retain all wounds. When your minute of roleplay is up, you can simply say: “Alright, I think I’ve stopped the worst of it, wake up.” 

Treatments: Once they are awake, You may perform triage to determine which treatment should be used, or to find someone who can.

Questions Used To Perform Triage:

Healer: “Where were you hurt?”

Healer: “What kind of weaponry did the damage?”

Healer: “Do you have any other wounds or maladies I should know of?”

Through this basic series of questions, you can apply the correct treatment, or find someone who can, if they do not know what it was that hit them, you may decide for them.

Learning New Treatments: Though every formula is different, a standard procedure will be learning under someone who is already trained, spending at least one hour total learning and practicing. After which, you must perform the procedure properly in a live scenario. Failure to do it properly can result in serious damage to the patient, if a GM is present.

Types Of Healing Proficiencies

Permanent Injury




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