Basic Rules

Creating A Character & Gaining Levels
Write a character and a background, and determine their roleplay. You start with 1 rank in a profession, and 2 levels to spend in whichever classes you choose.
You gain a level after you collect 6 days of experience playing your character. You can take a level in a class you have, or in another class.
You may gain a single profession rank during the BG period. The profession you dedicated the most action points to will be ranked up. 

Whenever you gain a level in a class, you select a class skill. You can only gain three extra levels.
You can only have a total of 10 ranks split amongst up to 3 different professions.

Character Classes and Skills
Your character’s Classes enable you to gain skills, and perform great feats at a rate dependent on your levels. These include things like unerring aim, spirited charges, and even spells.



Combat system
Health: Being struck in the limbs counts as a wound.  Wounds should always be roleplayed, and if you are wounded, you are also bleeding out and will die in fifteen minutes without help.  Being struck in the torso without armor renders you incapacitated and bleeding out. Striking an incapacitated opponent results in their death.
Armor: Wearing any amount of armor at all gets you two points of armor. Each point can be used to soak a hit, but you can only soak hits if you are hit where you have coverage.  After your soak pool runs out, it is as if you are wearing no armor at all, even if you are struck in a place where you have coverage.

Light Armor Coverage (Padded, leather, chain, scale) allows you to soak hits from most weapons but it is ignored entirely by two handed weapons, all traps, and non thrown ranged weaponry.
Heavy Armor Coverage (Plate, Some Scale) Heavy armor is Immune to slashing attacks and can otherwise soak hits from most weapons and traps. However, deadly traps, crossbow bolts, and firearms ignore it completely.

Shields allow you to block attacks from melee weapons and arrows. They do not count as armor.

Do's & Don'ts: Don’t hit the face, neck or groin areas unless they are heavily armored. Generally, attacks are felt blow. This means that if your target did not feel the blow, or it was not a clear strike- they may simply shrug it off. If you absolutely must strike an unarmored head it must be to the top of the skull, and with reduced speed/force. Failure to comply with these rules will get you ejected from the game.

Wounds: There are several types of wounds, and each should be noted as best as you are able when you receive them. This is so a healer can apply the correct treatment. Pay attention to what kind of weapon hit you, and where. 
Piercing Wounds (Arrows, spears, thrusts from pointed weapons)
Lacerations (Slashing Attacks)
Contusions (Bashing Attacks)

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Basic Rules

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