Lvl 1 – You can use one Fighting action once per short rest.
Lvl 2 – You can use Two Fighting actions once per short rest.
Lvl 3 – You can use Three Fighting actions once per short rest.

Terminology – Short rests: Short rests are defined by at least thirty minutes of non strenuous activity that the character would find restful, or meditative.

Fighting Actions & Skills

Armored Fighter
Passive: You have three points of resistance rather than two while wearing armor.

Passive: You may take one additional torso or head wound before falling unconscious. This wound must be treated separately from the first, which may result in lengthy surgical procedures.

While sprinting across empty ground, as a fighting action, you may ignore an 'away' spell or a melee hit from a non thrusting based attack. 

Second Wind
As a fighting action, after no less than five seconds, you may wake up from the unconscious or sleep state. If you are bleeding out and unable to find help within fifteen minutes, you still die. Furthermore, an additional wound still kills you.

Shield Expertise
As a fighting action, you can block a gunpowder attack. After using this ability, the shield breaks and must be repaired.

As a fighting action, you can shrug off hits from a shield bash, unarmed blows, or a curse by shaking your head vigorously.


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